Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sock Puppets...

 I have discovered there is a whole lost sock puppet culture online exchanging tips and information on how to make them entire blogs dedicated to them. Replaced by shop brought, conventional synthetic hand puppets...sock puppets have developed a persona of retro nostalgia. I love it! The quirkiness you can achieve by using miss match fabrics and textures lends itself to my deigns and research.

Jenny has uploaded a series of images that inspire her a lot of them are from a specific artist, Brian Moore. Famous for creating modernized 1940's style propaganda war posters about current political issues.  ( )  The washed out colour palettes used in his posters are highly used as a generalised palette for my work.
I have found a range of toys made from socks instead of just as hand puppets, these quirky little creatures seem to be more popular the more unique, quirky and ugly the are in appearance: