Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The beginnings of my self directed project...

For my self-directed project, I have been chosen as the designer for a forth-coming performance entitled: The Boogeyman.
I will be designing the costumes for a theatrical company known as, The Patchwork Theatre Company. They are a small touring regional theatre company based in and around Dorset.
I chose to apply for this roll, as I have a deep fascination for fantasy and fictional story telling, and would like to pursue this further later on in my career. I am very familiar with the project title’s original text and find the idea of designing the costumes for such an influential piece of fiction truly inspiring. I am a great fan of horror and believe being given to opportunity to design characters as complex as The Boogeyman would be a great challenge. One I could learn and grow from. 
I have never designed for the stage before. Therefore I feel it would be of great benefit to me as a designer to learn to work to the boundaries of theatrical design and fully understand what this entails. 
I am very excited about meeting with my director and discussing the ideas and concepts she wishes to explore fully.